October 2008 No. 7

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QLIF training and exchange workshop - Improved quality in organic food production

QLIF papers in
'Cultivating the Future Based on Science'

Registration open
for the 5th annual
QLIF congress

Knowledge synthesis on opportunities and barriers for organic production

QLIF research

Suckling systems improve natural living in organic dairy calves

Herbs in the diet moderates roundworm infections in organic pigs

Animal welfare of rodent pests needs public awareness

Differences in the composition between organic and conventional milk

Ozone treatment keeps the quality of fresh-cut green leaf lettuce

Single cleaning of pig pens is ineffective against roundworms


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Final QLIF training event on HACCP in Warsaw 26th November

On November 26, 2008 QLIF organizes an open training event on 'HACCP for the organic sector – principles and practice'. The venue is the Warsaw Agricultural University in Poland.

Details on the objectives, programme and registration are available at the QLIF website.

Knowledge synthesis on opportunities and barriers for organic production

Danish QLIF partners have been actively involved in a knowledge synthesis on the future opportunities and barriers for production, manufacturing and sales of organic products.

The work, which is now completed, has been ongoing from May 2007 to October 2008. The outcome is a 550 page report accompanied by a Danish and English 55 page whitepaper with summary and recommendations.

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Vision for an Organic Food and Farming Research Agenda 2025

IFOAM's EU group and ISOFAR have jointly commenced a process towards a vision for 2025 focusing on innovative research into organic food and farming.

The vision is intended to form the basis of a technology platform in the field, named 'Organics.' The technology platform highlights sustainable food systems and public goods.

The 'Vision for an Organic Food and Farming Research Agenda to 2025' was prepared between June 2007 and August 2008 and has now been published. It was developed on the basis of wideranging discussions with farmers’ organizations, scientists, organic traders and retailers, and EU-wide umbrella organizations representing a variety of commercial, non-commercial and civil interests.

Relevant documents from the technology platform on organic farming are available below.

A separate and informative homepage on the Vision has been established and is available at www.organic-research.org

New International Organic Research Centre - ICROFS

The Danish QLIF partner ICROFS replaces and is an expansion of the former centre DARCOF, which the Danish Government decided to give an international mandate and an international board with members from Africa, Asia, America and Europe.

Information on the centre is available here and in the first international newsletter (pdf) from the centre.

1st Nordic Organic Conference, May 18-19, 2009

The first Nordic Organic Conference is a joint Nordic effort with focus on research and development of organic and sustainable food production and consumption. Together with the conference the exhibition EkoNord will be arranged for the first time. This organic food fair is part of the every second year returning food fair Interfood. It will be the largest gathering in Scaninavia of organic producers and processors.