No. 7 October 2008

Fifth QLIF Training and Exchange workshop 2009:

Improved quality in organic food production

The 5th International QLIF Training and Exchange workshop 21 - 23 January 2009, will focus on current research related to quality of organic produce.

Registration is open, bursaries are available and information is ready
on the workshop homepage.

QLIF papers in 'Cultivating the Future Based on Science'

QLIF scientists contributed 24 research and workshop papers to the 2nd Scientific Conference of ISOFAR, held at the 16th IFOAM Organic World Congress, that also hosted the 4th annual QLIF Congress. Read more...

Registration open for the 5th annual QLIF congress

The final QLIF congress will be held in conjunction with the 3rd International Congress on Food and Nutrition held between April 22 and 25, 2009 in Antalya, Turkey. Registration for the Congress is now open. Read more...


Final QLIF training event on HACCP
in Warsaw 26th November

Vision for an Organic Food and Farming Research Agenda 2025
New International Organic Research Centre - ICROFS
Knowledge synthesis on opportunities and barriers for organic production

QLIF Research articles
Suckling systems improve natural living in organic dairy calves
Suckling systems offer increased opportunities for natural behaviour and higher weaning weights of organic calves
Herbs in the diet moderates roundworm infections in organic pigs
A diet with Thyme, Melissa and Purple Coneflower reduces the number of roundworms in growing and finishing pigs
Animal welfare of rodent pests needs public awareness
Animal welfare is an important issue in animal experimentation, but almost completely ignored in rodent pest control
Differences in the composition between organic and conventional milk
Fatty acid and fat soluble antioxidant content were different in organic and conventional milk from commercial farms
Ozone treatment keeps the quality of fresh-cut green leaf lettuce
Ozone treatment of lettuce serve to reduce the microbial load and maintain the sensory quality during cold storage
Single cleaning of pig pens is ineffective against roundworms
Cleaning of pig pens should not be a sole measure against roundworms, but rather it could be part of a package of measures