October 2008 No. 7

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QLIF training and exchange workshop - Improved quality in organic food production

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'Cultivating the Future Based on Science'

Registration open
for the 5th annual
QLIF congress

Knowledge synthesis on opportunities and barriers for organic production

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Suckling systems improve natural living in organic dairy calves

Herbs in the diet moderates roundworm infections in organic pigs

Animal welfare of rodent pests needs public awareness

Differences in the composition between organic and conventional milk

Ozone treatment keeps the quality of fresh-cut green leaf lettuce

Single cleaning of pig pens is ineffective against roundworms


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Registration open for the 5th annual QLIF congress

by Lorna Lueck, Newcastle University

The final QLIF congress will be held in conjunction with the 3rd International Congress on Food and Nutrition held at April 22 - 25, 2009 in Antalya, Turkey.

This congress will give QLIF the possibility to present findings to an audience concerned with food and nutrition but not typically involved in research on organic and low-input production systems.

The congress will become an important testing platform to evaluate how QLIF results are received in the broader scientific and industrial community.

The QLIF program will comprise summary presentations on research work carried out within the past 5 years on themes including consumer sciences, crop and animal husbandry and their effect on nutritional quality, organic and low-input supply chains as well as economic and environmental aspects followed by an outlook into the future.

The congress venue will be the Wow Kremlin & Topkai Palace Antalya. For registration and more information on the venue, program, etc. please visit the congress web.