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Improving sustainability in organic and low input food production systems

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QLIF Congress 2007

Improving sustainability in organic and low input food production systems

The 2007 QLIF Congress "Improving Sustainability in Organic and Low Input Food Production Systems" to take place March 20 – 23, 2007 at the University of Hohenheim near Stuttgart, Germany.

The congress is the third in a series of congresses organized as part of the QLIF project. Previous congresses have taken place in the UK 2005 (Organic Farming, Food Quality and Human Health) and in Denmark 2006 (Joint Organic Congress).

The 2007 congress is organized by Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) in cooperation with the University of Hohenheim. The International Society of Organic Agriculture Research (ISOFAR) supports the congress. The congress language is English.

Cooperation with the 9th Scientific Conference

The congress will be organized in parallel with the 9th Scientific Conference on Organic Agriculture in the German speaking countries, entitled "Between tradition and globalisation", organized by the University of Hohenheim. This conference will have sessions held in German and English.

The 9th Scientific Conference is expected to gather more than 600 scientists, advisors, farmers, processors, traders and officials from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other countries.

The dialogue between European research and regional actors is an important goal of the joint conference.

Congress programme and themes

The QLIF congress will include a plenary programme and sessions on:

  • Consumer studies
  • Effect of organic and “low input” production methods on food quality and safety and human health
  • Improving crop management practices
  • Improving livestock management practices
  • Improving food processing
  • Improving quality assurance and supply chain organisation

Furthermore the University of Hohenheim offers three excursions in the afternoon of March 20, prior to the conferences.

Further information & registration

QLIF Congress Homepage

German Scientific conference

Congress flyer (PDF)