February 2007 No. 5

Coordinators invitation

Improving sustainability
in organic and low input food production systems

3rd scientific QLIF
congress 2007

Progress overview

Congress update on the seven QLIF subprojects

Between tradition and globalisation

9th German Scientific Conference on Organic Agriculture

QLIF Annual Meeting and General Assembly

Programme outline

Self-sufficiency in organic farming

Invitation to an open workshop

Workshop on
Organic Eprints

Introduction to the use and perspectives of the Organic Eprints archive

Measuring food quality: concepts, methods and challenges

Report from the 3rd QLIF training and exchange workshop 12-14 February at the Louis Bolk Instituut


Coordinators invitation

Congress invitation and acknowledgements in relation to the 3rd QLIF Congress in Hohenheim

Dear QLIF members,

It’s the time of the year where we are all currently very busy preparing our contributions to the 3rd QLIF annual report and for presenting our results at the 3rd QLIF Congress in Stuttgart Hohenheim March 21st to 23rd 2007.

The year 3 workpackage reports and papers for the conference show that progress has again been excellent and that many new and interesting results have been generated since we met in Odense last year. Thanks a lot to all of you for sending in your reports and papers.

Special thanks to Urs Niggli, Thomas Alföldi and Helga Willer who have organised an excellent congress programme. I hope that many of you will take full advantage of the ability to not just come to the sessions relevant to your own discipline, but to sessions on all topic areas covered by QLIF.

This year’s congress has been specifically designed for “interdisciplinary” discussions, with very few parallel sessions, so that researchers from different disciplines (especially social, crop and animal scientists) can inform each other, mingle, discuss, argue if necessary and develop new ideas and multidisciplinary approaches that advance sustainable, low input and organic farming systems.

Special thanks also to the project management/admin team (Dave Whittock, Lorna Lueck, Jenny Gilroy and Lois Bell). They are currently working all hours putting the 3rd report together.

I look forward to seeing you at the Annual Management Meeting and General Assembly on March 20th 2007 and trust that you will come well prepared.

Sincerely yours,

Carlo Leifert

Co-ordinator QLIF