February 2007 No. 5

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Improving sustainability
in organic and low input food production systems

3rd scientific QLIF
congress 2007

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Congress update on the seven QLIF subprojects

Between tradition and globalisation

9th German Scientific Conference on Organic Agriculture

QLIF Annual Meeting and General Assembly

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Self-sufficiency in organic farming

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Workshop on
Organic Eprints

Introduction to the use and perspectives of the Organic Eprints archive

Measuring food quality: concepts, methods and challenges

Report from the 3rd QLIF training and exchange workshop 12-14 February at the Louis Bolk Instituut


Between tradition and globalisation

9th German Scientific Conference on Organic Agriculture

The annual QLIF Congress this year runs in parallel with the 9th German Scientific Conference on Organic Agriculture. This important German conference will this year accomodate also some sessions held in English.

Further information on the 9th German Scientific Conference on Organic Agriculture is found below and on the conference website: http://www.wissenschaftstagung.de/index_en.html

Due to globalisation, organic agriculture is increasingly affected by the growing discrepancy between local and global production and forced to strike a balance between traditional and modern agricultural methods.

Furthermore, the development of organic farming is also challenged by growing internationalisation. Consequently, some traditional approaches of organic agriculture need to be reconsidered.

Therefore, the 9th German Scientific Conference on Organic Agriculture 2007 will focus especially on the following topics:

  • Regionalisation versus globalisation
  • Further development of standards and certi?cation
  • Liberalisation of agricultural policy and its consequences for organic agriculture
  • Flows of material, energy and information
  • Renewable energy
  • Organic agriculture in the tropics and subtropics
  • Organic agriculture and poverty alleviation
  • Organic agriculture and genetic engineering
  • Food chain management

The German Scientific Conference is the most important conference among German-speaking countries which enables the discussion and presentation of current scientific research concerning organic agriculture. As in previous years, the conference offers its participants the opportunity of giving presentations on current research in the following areas:
  • Plant production, plant breeding and pest management
  • Livestock husbandry, animal breeding & animal health
  • Agricultural engineering
  • Socio-economics
  • Environmental aspects of organic agriculture
  • Characteristics of bio-dynamic agriculture

The conference provides different forms of presentation: workshops, oral presentations and posters. The conference language is German. In addition, the 9th German Scientific Conference will hold sessions in English for the first time, since many foreign students and researchers are working at the University of Hohenheim due to the new study programme on Organic Food Chain Management and the university’s emphasis on international research.