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QLIF Training and Exchange Workshop on nitrogen management

The 4th International QLIF Training and Exchange workshop is held in Driebergen, NL, 13-15 February 2008, and is hosted by the Louis Bolk Instituut. The aim of the workshop is to give the participants a comprehensive understanding of the complex nitrogen dynamics of organic and low input farming. registration is open and detailed information is available.

Workshop outline

In low input and organic farming, nitrogen is a key factor. Although much is known, many questions still remain to be answered, and managing the real-time nitrogen dynamics of a farm needs a multi-target approach.

In this 'winter school' leading researchers will present their research, focussing on the research approach and techniques used to come further in the complex nitrogen dynamics of organic and low input farming.

The aim of the two-days workshop is to transfer both theoretical background knowledge and practical skills in the use of new techniques and experimental approaches.

Participants will be Ph.D students and junior scientists/post-doctoral researchers. There is a maximum of 40 participants.

Within these three days, participants will be introduced to both background and actual knowledge, and both theory and practice of research approaches and techniques, which are suited for the questions around soil nitrogen dynamics in low input and organic agriculture.

To the seminar team belong researchers from The Louis Bolk Instituut that is a research institute for organic agriculture, nutrition and health. Knowledge and skills, gained and developed in 30 years of research in organic agriculture will be brought into the seminar. Both lectures and skill training belong to the program.

To the seminar team also belong researchers from the Wageningen University and Research Centre, Newcastle University, Bonn University, University of Aarhus, Denmark, Giessen University, Bioforsk Økologisk, Norway and SAC, Scotland.

Further information

Ir. G.J. van der Burgt
Louis Bolk Institute, The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)343 523 860
E-mail: g.vanderburgt@louisbolk.nl