December 2007 No. 6

QLIF Training and Exchange workshop

Concept for QLIF
workshops at 2nd ISOFAR conference

QLIF research in
focus of JSFA

Handbook of
Organic Food Safety
and Quality

Tutorial for
uploading papers
to Organic Eprints

QLIF research
articles on:

Low salmonella
in outdoor pigs

Measures influencing
udder health in
organic dairy farms

Effect of agronomic management
on lettuce quality

Importance of international
and exchange




Continuation of transnational research cooperation in CORE Organic

In September 2007, the project period of the CORE Organic ERA-NET project ended, and at the same time eight transnational research projects initiated under the auspices of CORE Organic were launched (CORE Organic Pilot Projects). These projects are presented at the CORE Organic website.

At their final meeting, the eleven partners in the CORE Organic ERA-NET decided to form a network (Core Organic Funding Body Network) in order to continue their cooperation.

Establishment of the European Consortium for Organic Animal Breeding (Eco-AB)

The newly established association "European Consortium for Organic Animal Breeding" (Eco-AB) will stimulate the development of organic animal breeding in Europe and world wide.

Eco-AB invites all organisations involved in organic animal production and/or selective animal breeding to join the association to play a role in the development of organic breeding. Further information and contact details are available at the Eco-AB website.

IFOAM work on Definition of Organic Agriculture

Following the adoptation of the Principles of Organic Agriculture by the IFOAM General Assembly, September 2005, IFOAM presently seeks to establish a succinct Definition of Organic Agriculture.

This definition must explain what Organic Agriculture is, reflecting its true nature and the Principles in a concise way. The work on the Definition of Organic Agriculture can be followed on the IFOAM website.

The final draft will be presented for ratification to the IFOAM membership at the next General Assembly in Modena, Italy in June 22nd – 24th, 2008.