December 2007 No. 6

QLIF Training and Exchange workshop

Concept for QLIF
workshops at 2nd ISOFAR conference

QLIF research in
focus of JSFA

Handbook of
Organic Food Safety
and Quality

Tutorial for
uploading papers
to Organic Eprints

QLIF research
articles on:

Low salmonella
in outdoor pigs

Measures influencing
udder health in
organic dairy farms

Effect of agronomic management
on lettuce quality

Importance of international
and exchange



E-learning guideline for submission of QLIF publications to Organic Eprints

by Lars Elsgaard, DARCOF

At the 3rd International QLIF Congress in Hohenheim 2007, a workshop on Organic Eprints was conducted with about 20 participants. The workshop was based
partly on the powerpoint presentations "Introduction to the use and perspectives of the Organic Eprints archive" (available at http://orgprints.org/10674) and "Working with Organic Eprints" (available at http://orgprints.org/8696).

Speakshow tutorial

As a follow-up on the workshop, a tutorial based on a simple e-learning speakshow tutorial has been developed. This tutorial can be viewed on-line and also the text part it self is available as a pdf document. Using a QLIF publication as an example, the tutorial speakshow in less than 5 minutes take the reader through the steps that complete a submission to Organic Eprints.

See the online tutorial speakshow See the text (pdf)

Increasing importance of the archive

The open source Internet archive for publications in organic food and farming has continued to increase both in the number of registred users (8104), deposited publications (6907) and daily visits (5192). All numbers are as by december 2007.

Currently, the archive is in use as a submission system for the papers submitted to the 2nd ISOFAR scientific congress and the other conferences taking place at the occassion of the IFOAM Organic World Congress (OWC) in Modena in June 2008.

For the QLIF project the current status of Organic Eprints is that 84 project contributions have been made available. The contributions from individual subprojects can be accessed below.

Click the subprojects to see the publications.