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International QLIF Training and Exchange workshop

The second Training and Exchange QLIF workshop for junior researchers is held 20-22 February 2006 in Driebergen, NL under the topic: 'Towards animal oriented methods of rearing animals in organic production systems'

One of the foundations of organic animal production systems is that animals are kept in a more natural way. In terms of housing animals get more space, they have access to outside areas and are fed organic rations. This results in unique, farm-specific production systems with emphasis on animal welfare and product quality.

In recent years it has become clear that strategies to rear replacement animals are getting more important. And that's why the rearing of animals is the basic theme of the second International Workshop within the EU integrated project "Quality Low Input Food". The workshop is being organised by Louis Bolk Institute (NL).

The aim of the two-days workshop is to transfer both theoretical background knowledge and skills in the use of new techniques and experimental approaches.

Participants will be PhD students and junior scientists/post-doctoral researchers. There is a maximum of 40 participants.


A preliminary programme has been set up on the QLIF homepage. Furthermore, you can find additional information about some of the workshops.


The location of the workshop is the Louis Bolk Instituut in the Netherlands. Participants should book their own accommodation. Addresses and booking information can be found at location.

Cost payment conditions and bursaries

Informations on cost for participation and conditions for payment are available at this page. A limited number of bursaries will be available for scientists without sufficient funding.


Please, complete this registration form (WORD), save it on your computer and send it by fax (+31 343 515611) or email to the Louis Bolk Instituut in the Netherlands.

Further information

All questions can be directed to Jan-Paul Wagenaar, Louis Bolk Instituut. Also, an invitational announcement (PDF) has been issued.

E-mail: info@louisbolk.nl

Tel: +31 343 523 860