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First Delphi Expert Survey on organic food processing

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QLIF Congress 2005

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Organic HACsCP is the acronym of the EU FP5 Concerted action "Recommendations for improved procedures for securing consumer oriented food safety and quality of certified organic foods from plough to plate".

The Organic HACCP project has reviewed studies of consumer concerns and preferences in relation to organic production systems and collected information about typical production chains for 7 commodities in regions across Europe. The information has been analysed using methods developed for Hazard Analysis by Critical Control Points (HACCP).

The work identified steps in the production chains that are particularly important in order to control the qualities of the final product and what can be done at each step in the chain.

This information was then used to build a database listing Critical Control Points in the examined chains, which will be made available on this webpage.

The conclusions from the Organic HACCP project were presented at a final workshop at the conference "Organic Farming, Food Quality and Human Health". Furthermore the conclusions from the study are presented as a series of leaflets and will later be published as a book by Blackwell Publishers.