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Joint congress in Denmark 2006

The next QLIF congress in 2006 will be in Denmark in collaboration with other organic EU projects in organic food and farming.

In May 2006 - for the first time ever - researchers from virtually all EU funded research projects in organic food and farming will join the same congress to present their results for organic producers and processors, as well as for those interested in an overall sustainable development in Europe.

Aim of joint congress

- "Our goal is to organize a programme, which is rewarding for organic producers and processors seeking new knowledge on a specific organic production. At the same time the programme will provide an overview of current European research in organic food and farming and thus an impression of the possibilities to implement research results in an overall societal development", the organizers of the congress have pronounced.

Results from organic EU projects

The research, to be presented, includes the integrated project "Improving quality and safety and reduction of cost in the European organic and "low input" food supply chain" (QLIF).

Other research projects involved such as ENVIRFOOD, REPCO, INTERCROP and SAFO are focussing on the development of environmental friendly production systems, health and food safety in organic animal husbandry.

Projects focussing on policies and regulation will also participate in the congress together with the CHANNEL project, which focus on East and Central European collaboration and the new ERA-NET scheme CORE Organic, which focuses on transnational research coordination.

Furthermore, in connection with the congress a research training course for PhD students in Europe, working with organic food and farming are planned by the Research School for Organic Agriculture and Food Systems (SOAR).

Date and place

The event will take place on 30 - 31 May 2006 in Odense Denmark, and it will be held in collaboration with the biannual Danish Organic Congress. Together with the congress the Danish organizers are preparing an exhibition on technologies and products within organic food and farming. More information can be found at www.organic-congress.org.

As the official language will be English, the congress should be open for anyone interested in organic food and farming.

Further information

Further information on the joint organic congress can be obtained from the www.organic-congress.org or from Claus Bo Andreasen, international communication manager at DARCOF and secretary for the programme committee.