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1. The modelling workshop

Modelling with NDICEA: Nitrogen Dynamics In Crop rotations in Ecological Agriculture.

Modelling the nitrogen dynamics of low input agriculture can be of great help in understanding the processes and optimise the nitrogen efficiency. The model NDICEA is known to be reliable, and in at least two important aspect it differs from many other models:

  1. Running the model does only need information, which is available at the farm, without the need for a complex soil investigation or other complex parameters
  2. The model is very users-friendly

In the workshop you will be guided trough the procedure, which takes only a few minutes. Then you can choose between two courses:

A. Use available information about a Dutch farm as input for the model, and do some model experiments related to nitrogen efficiency and leaching losses.

B. Use information about a farm, which you bring in yourself, put it in the model and do some model experiments.

If you want to take course B, then bring information about:

Soil: soil type, rooting depth, ground water depth, organic matter content.

Crops: which crops, rotation (sequence), sowing and harvest date, yield

Green manures: which one, after which crop, sowing date and end of growing (ploughing)

Fertiliser and manure applications: when, which amount, nitrogen content

So: bring information about a farm (arable / horticulture)

The model as it is presented is fit for the Dutch situation. With relatively little effort it can be transformed for use in other countries. Detailed information on this aspect will be given during the workshop.

2. Workshop "research proposals on soil quality assessment"

This activity takes place at the end of our two-days meeting. We have heard a lot about different aspects of soil quality and how to assess it, and we have experienced techniques, which help us in this field of research. Now it is time to implement this all. You are invited to bring in one ore more project proposals out of your own organisation, and to analyse it regarding the soil quality theme. Does the research lead us to the desired answers? Can new techniques be used? Do we have the same scope if we talk about soil quality? Do you have experience yourself in this theme?

This will be discussed and worked out in small groups, and (some) results will be presented in the plenary session before closure of the Workshop.

So: bring information about research proposals or projects.

Training Workshop

2 -4 February 2005




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