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As part of the QLIF project a bi-annual electronic newsletter are produced and posted on the QLIF website. The newsletter seeks to inform on project findings and activities.

We wish to reach and inform different stakeholder groups such as producers, processors, retailers, standard setting organisation, EU and national decision makers and consumer/consumer organisations focused sub-sections.

The newsletters provide an update on the progress in the QLIF research project comprising account of results deriving from the project, new publications and other presentations.

The newsletter will also present outreach activities like the annual congress, workshops and initiatives taken by project partners. Finally, the newsletter will mediate 6-monthly reports/information released for dissemination and link to research publications.

Previous newsletters

QLIF News No. 7 · 2008
QLIF News No. 6 · 2007
QLIF News No. 5 · 2007
QLIF News No. 4 · 2006
QLIF News No. 3 · 2006
QLIF News No. 2 · 2005
QLIF News No. 1 · 2005

News briefs

In order to notify about current event and activities, we put out "news briefs" (email alerts).

Previous News briefs:

February 2009 Information flyer on 5th QLIF congress in Antalya, Turkey, 22 - 25 April 2009

May 2008 Invitation to 4th QLIF congress in Modena 19-20 June, 2008 and invitation to QLIF course on HACCP for the organic sector

October 2007 Announcement of the 4th QLIF Training and Exchange workshop at Louis Bolk 13-15 February 2008

July 2007 Outline of the 4th QLIF congress in Modena, Italy, 18-20 June 2008

April 2007 Announcement of the integration of subproject videos on the QLIF website

October 2006

Announcement of the third QLIF workshop for junior researchers to take place February 2007 in the Netherlands

July 2006

Call for the third QLIF congress to take place March 2007 in Germany

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QLIF news No. 7
QLIF news No. 6

QLIF news No. 5
QLIF news No. 4
QLIF news No. 3
QLIF news No. 2
QLIF news No. 1


The newsletter is free of charge and will be e-mailed to all who wish to receive it. If you care to receive the newsletter, please go to Registration


It is possible to search for newsletter articles via the search function.


Organisations who are part of the QLIF extension network are allowed to use the articles from the newsletter in their dissemination.